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eBay: unsafe items, and the lack of a proper complaints procedure

Lately, I’ve been working on the garden, getting rid of some old logs etc.  I also want to be able to handle large items around the garden and workshop in future: lifting paving slabs, tires, and the like. So, I thought the ideal thing would be a chain block hoist.  Basically these are pulleys with […]

On racism, respect, and diversity

On a forum today, someone asked the question, Why is something like “Asians eat a lot of rice” considered racist?’ It may seem like this is an obvious thing, but I think it deserves some explanation, for those who are young, inexperienced, or just don’t get it yet, for whatever reason.  So, this is my […]

Disqus considered harmful

I just saw yet another interesting blog post that I wanted to contribute a comment to, but bypassed it, because it uses the horrible Disqus comment system.  So, I want to take a moment to rant helpfully point out that using Disqus or third-party comment systems like it will probably do your site (and the […]