Announcing MediGuest: Free Management software for Social Welfare Hostels

I’ve just released MediGuest. It’s a web-based, open-source application for the management of welfare hostels. Think of drug rehab centers, centers for alcoholics, or anywhere that may admit guests, but also supervise them in some way.

Previously commercial, I’m making this available to all organisations that can benefit from it, entirely free of charge… because, god knows, we need more people doing what you guys do, and we all should support you better in doing it.

MediGuest features include:

  • User-friendly:
    • Web-based UI
    • Many features, but following logical, uniform UI design, so learning one part of the system familarises you with the rest quickly
  • Client management:
    • Name, address, contact details, etc.
    • Photographs
    • Criminal records
    • Medical histories, including external services
    • Social care histories, including external services and internal support workers
    • History of previous stays
    • General notes
    • Print letters of offer, contracts, emergency sheets (quick reference of client needs for paramedics / ambulance crews), etc.
    • Track medications given, required dosages, etc.
  • Room management:
    • track rooms
    • organise rooms by type
    • track room inventory
  • Booking:
    • log booking start / end times
    • see previous bookings
    • add notes on reason for leaving
    • previous leaving reasons easily visible before booking client in again
  • Verification / report tools
    • Analyse dosages given, report on medications given over expected dosage limits (NOTE: this is intended as an example of reporting only; it is NOT well tested as yet)
  • Keywork tracking
    • Log each time a keyworker / medical worker / social support worker inand medication tracking
    • Track client goals and progress across multiple keywork sessions
  • Flexible document / letter creation:
    • Includes a PDF document / report creation engine, for printing letters to external agencies, letters of offer to clients, etc.
    • Print up-to-date documents direct from the database records, ensuring the database is always the authoritative copy of the information
  • Audit trail
    • All changes to data are tracked, with action taken
  • Web-based, multi-user design:
    • one instance per organisation
    • access from any computer with a web browser
    • suitable for deploying on a local server OR on a remote, hosted webserver (additional security layers, such as a VPN are recommended)
  • Flexible, extensible architecture
    • Built on Django, one of the most powerful, flexible, well-supported, and extensible web application frameworks
    • Database abstraction layer: capable of running on PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, or any other database fully supported by Django
    • Easy to add new reports, new types of records, etc.
    • Auditing engine automatically included in any new features

For more details, see the MediGuest source code / project page on Github.


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